About Us

HTPsoles has started its business in the early 80s. We have the specialties in producing footwear that meet our clients demand. We are based in Malaysia with a factory that manufacture all of our products starting from the raw materials to a captured-looking footwear and a branch in China. We start up as a soles maker and as the time changes, we have expanded our business in designing and manufacturing shoes as well.

HTPsoles footwear has a stylish design that meets the market demands which makes our products outstanding and up-to-date besides comfortable and affordable to our customers. Furthermore, we are committed to produce high quality products to our valued customers. We produce varieties of shoes including boots, heels, wedges, flats, sandals and other types.  

The Team

We had strive to produce our best products starting from designing, cutting patterns, stitching, shoe lasting, and packaging by our dedicated staff and systematic flow of works. Our full participation in this industry had brought us to further strengthen our brand by participating various exhibition worldwide. These has helped us introduce and expend our business so that it will become a household name among the public.   


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